Turn Off, Tune Off, Drop . . .


I am powerless over the Internet. I am not alone. This morning I discovered Anti-Social, a little program for MAC users to disable all social media and email. PC users have something, too, but that’s their problem.

What to do? I can try it free for a while or purchase for $15. Wow. $15 is a high price to pay for a program that denies access to the things I’ve finally figured out how to use. Things such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube [there are HUNDREDS] that I’ve admonished my Luddite pals for not using.

Shall I put Anti-Social on my holiday gift list? Shall I try to beat my addiction without a $15 program, rather with a 12-Step Program, one minute at a time? Testimonials abound for it, but should I feel better knowing that I am not alone in my quest?

I don’t. Please let me know what you think. Of course, now that I’ve solicited your opinions, dear readers, I cannot possibly launch Anti-Social.

Ha. Problem solved.