2013 records

Planning for a pony in a pile of poop

searchThe 2013 Super Bowl set some records. It was the longest, four hours.

National anthem, two minutes and 40 seconds. I call that patriotic, as the work is hardly melodic or inspiring. We have to clap and scream at ‘ . . . rockets red glare’ to mask our inability to hit the high note. Tsk tsk to the Alicia-bashers. She now owns it, by the way.

The longest blackout – 32 minutes. Accompanied by the nastiest tweets [‘No blackouts during Bush’ forgetting, of course, September 11, 2001 and Katrina.] Carl Rove must have been ready for this. Or, did he plan it?

Survival of the wittiest
I digress. The prize for swiftest and most re-tweets goes to Nabisco – the Oreo graphic that read “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark” within mere minutes of the blackout.

So much for proactive disaster planning, otherwise known as preemptive damage control. Nabisco marketing had assembled a gaggle of like-minded folks to sit together, thumbs poised for action. More than 10,000 re-tweets shot though hyperspace in an hour. Did they watch the game? Note the balance of non-penalty calls?

Honorable mention goes to Tide “We can’t get your blackout, but we can get your stains out.” Bud Light gets the geek prize for ensuring that any #poweroutage tweet displayed the Bud banner.


Get the Poop Ready. Train the Pony. And the Dog.

Next year’s Super Bowl should be sweeter than granny’s apple pie. It will be in New York. So, I’ll bet [unlike those who bet on how long the Star Spangled Banner will be performed] that somewhere on the planet, there is a marketing guru thinking of possible disasters and assembling a team with hardy thumbs.

Let’s hope they don’t take the group think a bit further – producing the disaster. And having the graphics to put sink their tweets into.

One more thing: I’m a 49er fan. To the Ravens, I say ‘nevermore.’