I used to hide out in the San Marino Public Library. The library was only three blocks from my house. It was cool and quiet.

Unlike my house.

I would go to the card catalogue, slide open a narrow drawer, and flip to a random card. Pick a card. Any card. Then I’d go to find the matching Dewey Decimal notation imprinted on the spine of the book.

Rarely did I come back with the book I set out to find. Instead, a title, a wraparound image on a spine, something would make me stop and pull the book from the shelf.

My blog is what’s happened to my childhood ‘reading roulette’ – the Internet. Every day (well, not really but you know) I search for something that has happened on the very same day in history.

This might seem noble and mature. It’s not. I am doing anything but finish a novel I started five years ago.

Stay tuned. And thank you for meandering with me.


One comment

  1. Remember to sharpen the pencils…ok, so the movie was a long time ago, you don’t use pencils. I find myself doing chores I hate to do before I do my homework – that requires original thought on paper. So hard to get motivated…

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