Month: January 2019

Prospective Memory

Remembering things to do in the future. This would be great if I thought there was a future.

I am 74 years older than dinosaurs who skipped out at the end of the Jurassic Dynasty, So, I’m now about to give up on the end of the earth as we know it . . . the Trump-land era. What is the right word here? Era means about 25 years and that’s enough to make me wrench my hooves off. Will we survive? Will my country survive?

There’s the rub. My country was started by some guys trying to get out from under the insane rule of a king thousands of miles away. He sent soldiers with long guns and topcoats that would send a bull Into mating frenzy, which made it easy for us [well it took several years before we got the whole banana] but we ditched the king.

Now, 250 years later, we’ve come up with our own, a red-headed man [we think so, it’s hard to know whats real and what’s pasted on.] While the Brits were still roaming around our little villages and knocking out our forests, some moneyed people had an idea: Build a Wall. Throw the redcoats, pirates and Indians out. This didn’t keep the pirates out, just watch the daily stock market news to see why –  OR LOOK UP THE FALL OF LEHMAN BROTHERS ON SEPTEMBER 18, 2007.

A wall does not work, except to keep people in, not out. See Berlin, the wall that was built overnight, separating families, a government trying to recovered from a deadly war, and a political system based on free people thinking or one ruled by a corrupt government. The Chinese built a wall to keep the Mongolians out, but they came anyway. The wall was built of several materials, wood, sand, concrete, to control immigration, namely the Mongolians, but all it did was to keep the Chinese people in.

There are so many things one could say about a wall . . . The Wall of Tears, for starters. The last time he mentioned the wall, he said it would be slats. That’s closer to a wall of tears, or tears over a dam.