Sleeping Babies on 20 January


Uber encourages drivers to ‘get out there because riders do not want to be wet’ when it rains. This is a golden opportunity, as it’s been five years since the wet stuff fell from above. This was Inauguration Day, Friday and a great opportunity for me to keep my mouth shut.

Which I did not.

After 30 minutes traipsing up and down Pico Boulevard in my little home town, I was called to Pelican Hill Resort. My rider wanted to catch a jet to Chicago. He was in the middle of telling a pal how angry his wife was for him spending an extra day in California, and whether the meeting he’d been in had been successful, one way or the other.

I don’t listen to people, as I was trying to concentrate on the road, which was beginning to look like a river.

“How would you get your child to get into bed?”

Took me a moment. He was talking to me.

I asked, “How old?”

“Three. Going on two. My wife is about ready to quit, on me and the baby.”

“Girl or boy?”

“Does that make a difference?”

“Girls are usually a bit easier, I think.”


“Good. You could call Uber and take her out for a ride up and down Lake Shore Drive. Or, turn on some cello music and leave the room.”

I could hear him texting.

I’m hoping it worked. If it’s Uber, a driver has a wee bit more cash.

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