Rudy | Reindeer Games | Reindeer Only

Adolescent deer have mastered the Art of the Zeal.

They dare each other to skate on thin ice. The athletes toss engineered orbs onto one their budding antlers. Best yet: Two orders of Burger King onion rings strewn on the footpath leading to the ranger cabin. The game didn’t disband until late afternoon, when the ranger came looking for the rest of his lunch.

Water Polo

The pinnacle of their sporting life is water polo. Competition is fierce for league placement and ranking. Stag and doe go head to head from dawn ’til dusk in the purest of mountain lakes.


Humans, on the other hand, have created a bastardized form of the noble sport, splashing across pools sullied with chemicals that would kill if used in the gaseous form.

The sight of the inflated sporting gear have been known to make stags peer into the glare of headlights until meeting their doom in the ultimate white light.

Some have resorted to invading the human stadium sites, a form of protest that has so far proved unsuccessful.

Deer Pool Dog

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