Hairy, Harry, Diary, Dairy

click_clack_mooDyslexia is the functional word for the condition describing what happens when neurons take themselves too seriously.

I had dyslexia long before the lexiconists conjured a word with too many hidden vowels.

I’m undaunted by my condition. I love words. ’Fly’ is my favorite example of what happens when a verb impregnates a noun. The offspring don’t need a three-minute dissertation describing their function.

My mistakes have made memorable headlines. A morphed word or two can produce comedy or tragedy. When I see ‘police’ on a patrol car, I see ‘poultice’ — which might or might not be synonymous with a pleasant experience, depending on the ZIP code. Or the condition of your skin.

Writing Advice

Writers are urged to keep a dairy. My house isn’t zoned for one cow, let alone a herd.

Oh, you mean diary?

I see no difference. Dairy or diary – success involves three steps:

1. Arise at 4 am

2. Engage brain

3. Milk it

If I wanted a workaround for this little warp in my hard disk, I would keep a urinal.

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