Putin’s Body Languish


An article in USA TODAY, written by Ray Locker, reported that the Pentagon has been studying Russian President Vladimir Putin’s body language since 2008. The study has concluded that the man ”  . . . has Asperger’s syndrome.”

It’s an enlightening read. It’s troubling to think that the Pentagon uses movement pattern expert contractors in a ‘think tank’ – the Office of Net Assessment (ONA) – that contributes to military long-term strategy.

If you wish to have nightmares, read the comments from wing-nut trolls, who are disturbed that their hero might be a bit off.

To Russia. With Love.

“There is some division among Republicans who cannot quite decide if they want to fight Vladimir Putin or fornicate with the Russian, but one thing is clear; conservatives think he is a “real leader” and lust for a Republican president like Putin.”

The above quote, from an article published in May 2014 in http://www.politicususa.com [yes, it’s a progressive publication] cites growing doubts with their god, President Reagan, after a few facts.  We don’t know exactly when The Great Communicator began to exhibit tell-tale Alzheimer’s symptoms; but, we could venture a guess. Before he raised taxes, was cowardly in the face of terrorism, spent like a madman and had that Iran-Contra scandal.

Don’t forget President GW Bush invited Putin to his ranch. And spoke of looking into the man’s eyes. I’d love to erase that creepy scene from my cortex Rolodex.

Attention Anti-Vaxxers

Go ahead. Invite Putin to your house. He’s been vaccinated.

Asperger’s Syndrome is on the autism spectrum.

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