Solution to California’ Drought: Seeds and Weddings


Our New Generation of Rainmakers

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, scientists now ‘fly through storms’ to study ‘atmospheric rivers’. One river – the Pineapple Express – is responsible for determining a West Coast drought or deluge.

What’s interesting, if you read the paragraphs at the end of the article, is how humans influence the upper atmosphere. Mother Nature seeded the clouds with dust, sea spray and biological material for millions of years. Now, humans have added ‘new materials’ – the nature of which the reporter doesn’t reveal. What is known that we affect whether it rains cats and dogs or produces snowbanks taller than four-story buildings.

It all boils down to drought or deluge. Feast or famine.

“The bottom line is we really want to predict when these events will happen.”

Enter French Ingenuity

Ah. The land of love and romance. Now, French brides and grooms can guarantee that no rain will darken their wedding day. For £100,000 [about $152,000 American] a company will create a cloud burst’ with silver iodine the day before the nuptials. And guarantee sunny celebration. [Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that the marriage will be sunny.]

I know how California can end the drought. Encourage the creme de la creme of Southern California blue bloods to purchase  Perfect Weddings. What’s almost a couple hundred thousand added to the cost of white swans, Gucci goody bags and a honeymoon on a private cruise ship?

We need to plant the seed now. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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