More Than The River and Through The Woods . . .

The second lesson I learned as a copywriter was told to me by “Big Al LeAnce”, as he held an unabridged Webster’s Dictionary ‘over’ my head. I had written a financial release saying that the corporation had increased revenue to over $50 million.

“If I have to correct you more than once, I’ll drop this on your head. That’s what my editor did when I started my career as a journalist. “The ABC Corporation had increased its revenue to more than $50 from $41 million.”

I never confused ‘more than’ and ‘over’ again.

News from the AP Stylebook that ‘more than’ will now be interchangeable with ‘over’ is more than disgusting. How could more than a thousand journalists agree to let this singular grammar distinction go over them? What’s next? Everyday and every day. Parking signs in many neighborhoods already fallen into the ignorant category.

“Everyday” means common, banal. “Every day” means occurring on each day. “Everyday low pricing” is correct. “I love her everyday” means that the woman is loved in a banal and common way, like plastic crap at WalMart. Maybe that’s what he means?

Stupidity is rampant. The media consistently reports unsupported and unverified opinion and calls it ‘news.’

Until now, I could rely on newspaper coverage from neutral media sources: The Christian Science Monitor and The New York Times are two I respect. Reportage [with the exception of the Opinion Pages] from the Wall Street Journal is fairly reliable. The AP Stylebook and Chicago Style ruled.

Now, I have nothing less than a passion to remain in the ‘more than’ faction. As will Eric Clapton and “More Than Words


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