Seasonings Greetings


Dear Friends and Family
Oops. So, you put friends before family?

Dear Family and Friends
My family is comprised of people who are not my friends? I have to separate, like peanut butter and jelly, church and state.


Season’s Greetings
Better. But why the tail end of December and crack of January are a ‘season’ to be greeted might run offend some of your recipients

This advanced tool available to the software savvy could solve the salutation conundrum; however, it could give rise to factors that put a snag in holiday cheer. Your address book must be up-to-date. My data still has dead people in it. I don’t know why I don’t delete anyone, living or dead. I still have the contact information for a co-worker who wanted me fired. Would she  be snuffed out if I push DELETE? I’ve been around long enough to know that karma works better than revenge.

Choose your words wisely. Don’t write about finding grandma’s secret pickle recipe, the loss of a pet pit bull or winning the lottery. Family will attack the validity of the dill to peppercorn ratio in the pickles. People on your list who have suffered a loss of a loved one will not like being reminded of said death. Others might scold you for having a Pit Bull as a canine companion. Write about the lottery loot? Expect to find a campsite on your front lawn within 48 hours.

Reveal a secret and spice up your holiday gatherings. Make a photo collage. Send a helpful hint. Show your letter to a pro.

You will be held dear for one year. Until your 2014 letter.

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