Month: April 2013

Recycling is a sport.


Winning the CR8 Contest at Lobo School in San Clemente is an honor. The contest is on and some students are more proactive than others.

This explains why the “No Students Allowed Inside” signage  on the trash bin.

Any other explanation would be disturbing.


Happy Mother’s Day


Seven Wonders exist today because of the actions of environmentalists and people who put the earth before self-interest and greed. Legal precedent, removal of toxic waste from a famous waterfront, progressive Republican’s legacy, Don’t Mess With Texas, erasing the dinosaurs, smoldering ruins, re-birth canal – all these are reasons to celebrate Earth Day.

Thank you, tree-forest-marsh-huggers.

Storm King Mountain on the banks of the Hudson River in New York
San Francisco Bay
Pelican Island, Florida
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas
Dinosaur National Monument, Utah and Colorado
Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Maryland


I smell a RAT&T


They’ve Got Your Number

(206) 922-0880 
(212) 557-2790
(240) 431-9979
(347) 775-4522
(866) 426-3834
(866) 519-2177
(877) 644-1774
(908) 452-6676
(912) 200-7032
(954) 828-0242

Until two weeks ago, I didn’t need to pay $60 per year to NOT get calls. After an onslaught of calls from nasty telemarketers who don’t even have the courtesy to speak anything except “Hello? Hello?” I signed up for limited service from AT&T,  paying $4.95 each month to block up to 30 numbers on my mobile phone.

In two weeks, I’ve already listed the ten listed here.

From Pakistan to see if you’re home?

What’s up? I’ve had the same mobile number since 1990. [Yes, I bought a phone just to be able to not miss something, before the Internet got into the hands of the great unwashed.]

I wish there were a way to make this stop. I can only block 30 numbers.  This has never happened.  Am I crazy to think that AT&T sets up these calls? How did my number get off the Do-Not-Call-List?

A mystery. Perhaps if thousands of people started calling these numbers they would disappear? Something has to be done. When you enter any of these numbers as a URL, most of the time you get directed to a “Did you get a call from this number?” You’ll find dozens of complaints.

Does is make me feel better than I am not alone? Not really, but it helps. Maybe these numbers are the winning combination for PowerBall Lottery.

I’ll try that next. In the meantime, when you get a chance, for a good time, call some of these numbers and say “You’ve won!”