Yesterday MSG. Today, your password.


MSG used to be the weapon used by the Chinese minions across the Pacific. Now, these diabolical fiends are hacking us – as the THE US and us, meaning you and me.

Time to review your password. Or, passwords. In my case. Noting my brain age, I only have a couple which have hung with me ever since I got out of the Stoned Age and bought my first Apple and merged onto the cyber highway.

Moving on down the road, suggestions for iron-cladding your open sesame code are as follows:

Do not use the word ‘password.’ Duh. For those who have trouble letting go, however, moving a letter or two could help. You could swap a vowel or two in ‘password’ but I won’t do it here as the bots will most assuredly slap me off WordPress.

Take it further and you’ll need to clear it with Betty White. Alan Ludden was her mate for 45 years and the host of the TV game show Password. You could use alanludden3000 as there are probably 3000 people who’ve already thought of this.

Do not use 123456. Silly. Try !@#$%^ instead.

Use letters, upper and lower case, plus numbers. All right. How about pASSword123456.

Do not use Maosucks2 or poppa1ummaoMaomao as that will just irritate the Chinese hackers to no end.

Do not use sseddogythgimylohmaI54321

This is mine.

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