What will get your sticker?


One of my fervent wishes has come true. As of April 2013, a little product called Stick-N-Find will be released on the weary world.

Senior moments might just last 30 seconds. Time wasted looking for car keys, TV remotes, theater tickets and your mobile phone can now be spent elsewhere.

It will indeed be the dawn of a new era. This Indiegogo platform raises money for campaigns. Your ideas have a chance to become reality. I’ve seen several ideas bloom here but this, the StickNFind is going to get some of my hard-earned money.

Imagine, putting a quarter-size, battery-operated disk on those things in your life that the poltergeist gets hold of. This could include cats, but might be worth a try with your python, bicycle or car (although there is an app FindMyCar that works quite well, if you know how to read a map).

Before I forget, there are several ways to help fund this endeavor, ranging from $35 to $1400. In return for your funds, you receive a anywhere from two to 100 devices.

One question? What happens when you can’t find the phone you need to find to help find your car keys? Probably have to return to the 20th Century method: call your mobile from the land line (if you an find the remote receiver).

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