Month: November 2012

Turn Off, Tune Off, Drop . . .


I am powerless over the Internet. I am not alone. This morning I discovered Anti-Social, a little program for MAC users to disable all social media and email. PC users have something, too, but that’s their problem.

What to do? I can try it free for a while or purchase for $15. Wow. $15 is a high price to pay for a program that denies access to the things I’ve finally figured out how to use. Things such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube [there are HUNDREDS] that I’ve admonished my Luddite pals for not using.

Shall I put Anti-Social on my holiday gift list? Shall I try to beat my addiction without a $15 program, rather with a 12-Step Program, one minute at a time? Testimonials abound for it, but should I feel better knowing that I am not alone in my quest?

I don’t. Please let me know what you think. Of course, now that I’ve solicited your opinions, dear readers, I cannot possibly launch Anti-Social.

Ha. Problem solved.

Free grace!

is NOT for what we are about to receive
. . . . Rather for what has already been given.
Grateful for life, that it not be taken lightly
Thankful for liberty, that it not be taken for granted.
Hopeful for peace, that it might start with me.
Delighted for my family, that we somehow stick together
Hungry for knowledge, that it fill our hearts with truth.
is NOT for what we are about to receive
. . . . rather for what has already been given.
Thank you, God, for gracing us with your love.
Now, I’d like to address the hungry part . . . . Let’s eat!