Plumbing Should Not Be Problem

I’ve been one all my life.

Work has never been hard to find. Jobs have never been hard to find. It was the career that took a bit of time.

My brain is not wired to the norm so I had some problems with the SAT but the creative side eventually pointed the way to what I would do for 30 years.

Advertising copywriter, creative director, director of marketing.

The only time salary has been a problem was the time BEFORE I went to work in an ad agency.

Why? Compensation in my line of work is based on “How did that last project go? Did it work? Was it outta-sight, knock down fabulous?”

Plumbing has never been an issue.

Until now.

I am a woman. My plumbing is on the inside.

Equal pay for women. Healthcare. Consumer rights.

Republicans are threatening to remove the right to my life, my liberty, or my pursuit of happiness. My right to design a family to love, to cherish and to ensure a future without war.

I urge others to vote for the Democratic side of your ballot.

Ladies! Vote with your head, Your heart. And your plumbing.

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