Go Back To School. Way Back . . .

My granddaughter started kindergarden yesterday. The room was unusually quiet, as it was filled with five-year-olds, until the teacher mentioned that flip-flops were not allowed at school. “You must wear shoes that cover your toes so you won’t get hurt,” she said. “It’s not summer anymore.”

A wee voice shot up from the front row, “I MISS summer!”

We all do. But there is a time for summer and a time for fall (bear with me). The class, parents and grandparents in the wings, were then reminded that this classroom, this school, expects kindness, passion and fun. Knowledge and truth are number one.

“We help each other. We share. We learn from one another. We will have a good year,” said the teacher.

Too bad [INSERT Republicans, Tea Party, Romney, Ryan, ‘Conservatives’] won’t ever think of using the simple tools we experience in kindergarden. I wrote about these things in February 2012.

Take a look.

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