August 25 | Clueless Back At the Ranch

“Congress also worked with me to cut income taxes for the first time in a generation — the right policy at exactly the right time to boost our sagging economy. The faster our economy grows, the stronger the federal budget will be.

The greatest threat to our budget outlook is the danger that Congress will be tempted this fall to break its earlier commitments by spending too much. The old way in Washington is to believe that the more you spend, the more you care. What mattered was the size of the line in the budget, not the effect of that line on real people’s lives. My administration takes a new approach. We want to spend your hard-earned money as carefully as you do. And when we spend the people’s money, we insist on results.
Today, my Office of Management and Budget is releasing a report identifying 14 long-neglected management problems in the federal government, and offering specific solutions to fix them. For example, the United States government is the world’s single largest purchaser of computers and other technologies for gathering and using information. In 2002, we will spend $45 billion on information technology. That’s more than we’ve budgeted for highways and roads. Yet so far, and unlike private sector companies, this large investment has not cut the government’s cost or improved people’s lives in any way we can measure.

President George W. Bush Radio Address Saturday, August 25, 2001

Bin Laden, Five Others Charged in Bomb Plot

August 25, 2001
From Times Wire Report

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