There Should Be A Word for That . . .

The framing of words has gotten out of control. 

Even the word ‘frame’  has been altered.

That simple noun meaning the material that surrounds a painting – is ugly and menacing as a verb. A verb in the hands of dangerous propaganda wizards.

 I know just enough about pr to be dangerous; not menacing.

 Why not use words that mean what they were meant to mean? A “Yahoo” was a goofy person. A job was something we did to earn money every day. Not a “good job” told to a child after he or she does something that should come naturally. Use the word ‘job’ and you are prepping the child for a lifetime of employment? When did ‘problems’ become ‘issues?’ Issues can’t be solved. 

 In my pr days, I learned to use the words ‘virtually,’ ‘more than, less than’ instead of exact numbers. Disappointing results.

 English is hard enough to grasp, but to understand what you are being told requires work. If someone tells you that they want to “Take the Country Back,” look out. 

Back to what? The 1800s? The glory days of the land barons and seven-day work week, no vote for women and other minorities, and other atrocities?

Question what comes over the airways and on the Internet. While you still can.


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