Month: May 2012

Your Tuition is Due

Apple Dictionary’s analysis:

ORIGIN late Middle English (in the sense ‘custody, care’): via Old French from Latin tuitio(n-), from tueri ‘to watch, guard.’ Current senses date from the late 16th cent.

Custody. Care. How much are you willing to pay for your education?

“I’m not in college, silly,” you say?

Oh yes, you are. Every day you are paying a price for the information you receive. How often, how much, and from whom.

Got cable? Got satellite? Blackberry? iPhone? iPad? Sirius? Add it up. And for those of us with more grey than we’d like to show, there was a time when the box with the black-and-white glowing tube would turn on (only after you got up from the couch, walked over to it and pushed the button). And the only cost was pennies for the electricity to run it (after you had paid for it, drawn from a savings account).

Today, if you pay for information, it’s tuition.

Your tuition will keep going up, unless you choose carefully where you get it.

Nutshell: Your choices are shrinking. And your tuition is rising.

Each word you hear is crafted by experts. Is your source a journalist?

Or a paid purveyor of propaganda.

Three words will help you shake out the fakers: Follow the money.

Who’s advertising on  The Drudge ReportThe Rachel Maddow Show?

You are a consumer, not a citizen.

Make a decision. The voting booth is gone. Vote with your wallet, if you have one left.

Look up ‘oligarchy” and get back to me by contributing your two cents (that means words, silly!) below.