Month: March 2012

What Happened to my Raisins?

Curiosity gets the cat. And leads to conspiracy. When you purchase the little boxes of Sun-Maid Raisins, you might want to take a look at the QR Code on the bottom. Always curious, I did. 


First, I got a promo for “Puss and Boots”, the movie. It being too early in the morning to consider movies of any rating, I scrolled down. To Sun-Maid Inc. As a marketing geek, I love these QR codes and am always interested in new ways to Barnum-and-Bailey stuff. 

Surprise. What I found was an explanation as to why I am now getting less. Less box. Less raisins. And, surprise surprise, it’s not Sun-Maid’s fault. It’s the fault of the fitness industry, the obesity epidemic and the growing wine industry.

“Our research has shown that consumers prefer convenient snack packs that make it easy to eat healthy snacks with less than 100 calories per ounce.”

Oh? It was then I noticed that the little box of raisins I was holding in my hand was indeed smaller than what I remembered. Not that I had grown larger, as what happens when one returns to their long-ago elementary school and realizes that the auditorium was not the size of the Superdome. No. Rather, the box is really smaller. And the Sun-Maid Girl (not maid?) has had some work done, a la Beverly Hills.

“California grape prices, the only ingredient in making raisins, have increased by 75% since 2007 primarily as a results of increasing demand for California white grape juice and California wine. It takes 4 1/2 pounds of grapes to make a pound of raisins, so in a 6-pack of 1 ounce boxes, there Is the equivalent of 13/4 pounds of grapes.”

I didn’t ask for 100 calories worth of raisins. I don’t drink white grape juice. Perhaps people are drinking more white wine because the Republicans took the country into the poor house.

Will I cease eating raisins? No. But when I eat raisins, all I can think of is that I’m robbing someone of white wine grapes. 13/4 pounds of them. Wow. 

See for yourself. That raisin girl looks really good.

Put your healthcare into your hands. Not the insurance companies!

Put your healthcare into your hands. Not the insurance companies!

Hey. Wait a minute!


The Affordable Healthcare Law covers many other things besides birth control pills (by the way, Rush, you don’t take a birth control pill every time you have sex). I think I know where you got that idea, though.




Yes, Rush. You’re Viagra is covered by Affordable Healthcare Law. No worries, if you opt out, you can still get some affordable stuff. It won’t be called Viagra, as the patent will run out this year, 2012. 


You should start to focus on other drugs you need (no, not the ones you’re addicted to). Perhaps start looking for a something you could take for your hoof and mouth disease.