How to get rid of a squeaky . . .

Did you say “Door?”

Did you think “Hinge?”

Having thoughts that wake you up is exactly like having a door that shrieks when you open it. This is very annoying, especially if you are the first one up in the house.

You know how NOT to step on the places in the floor that creak, but there is nothing you can do about the door.


Except leave it open, which leaves the possibility of those things creeping in during the night.

So, you 3-in-1 Oil the door. DO NOT USE WD-40 (that’s what the handyman said).

So, a little 3-in-1-Oil in your head.

That would be meditation? How about making a list of things and people you are grateful for.

And wishing nothing but the best for those people whom you could very well do without.

There. Squeak fixed. Squawk too.

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